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Self-paced e-learning (1 hour) – Articulate Studio

Working closely with a local expert in customer service, I designed and developed a self-paced online module for business leaders and their employees through the local Chamber of Commerce & Industry. During this engaging module, called Your Customer Loyalty Blueprint, learners assess and improve their organization’s customer experience. Learners walk away with a customer service blueprint that maps out the customer experience for their organization.

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Using Stories to Frame Learning

The lessons immerse the learner in stories – providing a framework for the learning – as they jump into the stories of several businesses and their customers. Easy-to-understand multimedia presentations highlight information and help learners explore terminology and concepts in practical scenarios. Rich, interactive activities and opportunities to check understanding are integrated throughout the scenarios. Each module culminates with a hands-on exercise in evaluating the learner’s business, as it relates to the concepts presented in the module.

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Because this learning solution needed to be available “anytime anywhere,” I created an e-learning experience that eliminated scheduling difficulties and allowing the learner to start and stop the experience as needed. E-learning also allows for an individualized experience for the learner, as they control the pace of their own learning.

My Role: Instructional design and development of e-learning modules, as well as visual design and overall project management

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