My work

Check out some samples of my work over the past few years.

Trauma Nursing e-Learning

As part of a blended solution to train hospital nurses in the care of trauma patients, I created the overall instructional design approach, developed the majority of about 25 hours of online modules, and managed the development portion of the project.

Online Course Design

At a regional health sciences college, I partnered with faculty to design and develop courses in health sciences and general education. I also developed and managed a competency-based program for faculty new to teaching online.

Physician e-Learning Modules

In a multi-year relationship with a state medical society, I created continuing medical education modules centered around safe opioid prescription practices, as well as identification and treatment of opioid abuse.

CPR Compliance e-Learning

In this mandatory compliance module for non-clinical hospital staff, I created a vibrant visual design and graphics to help engage learners and encourage memory of the key steps in hands-only CPR.

Customer Service e-Learning​

I designed and developed a self-paced online module for business leaders and their employees through the local Chamber of Commerce & Industry in which learners assess and improve their organization’s customer experience. Stories, multimedia, and hands-on activities are used to frame learning.

Self-Paced Software Training

Needing a sustainable and easy-to-update training solution for college intranet editors, I created a self-paced course based around PDF documents that gives a glance at my technical writing skills.