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Self-paced e-learning – Adobe Captivate, Audacity, Adobe Premiere

Over a period of 3 years, I worked with a state medical society to create continuing medical education for physicians and other medical providers. Most of the education centered around safe opioid prescription practices, as well as identification and treatment of opioid abuse. Topics included opioid prescription guidelines, use of naloxone, referring patients to treatment, and using the state prescription drug monitoring program.

My Role

Working closely with the liaison from the medical society, I managed the design and development of 6 modules. Instructional design and development work included creating storyboards from content outlines and/or PowerPoint presentation files, developing modules in Adobe Captivate, narrating and editing audio files, producing video, and testing on multiple devices.

My relationship with the client was pivotal to the success of the ongoing project. I used clear and transparent project management practices to help facilitate that relationship, including written confirmation of schedule timelines and frequent updates via email and phone conversations. Challenges included limited access to subject matter experts and coordination with state agencies.

Sample Module: Prescription Monitoring

Physicians need to be able to identify patterns of opioid prescriptions that could indicate a substance abuse disorder—and they need to do it within the context of the electronic medical record. In this interactive module for physicians, learners work through several patient cases where they need to decide if they should or should not prescribe opioids for pain management. I used sample medication administration screens to design a generic format and then worked with a physician to create realistic medication histories and patient stories. Subject matter experts tend to be busy and may have limited time to create content. On this project, it was pivotal that I research and mock up solutions for the expert to react to during our limited time together.

Sample Module: Referral to Treatment

Physicians need to know how to conduct a “warm handoff” in which they refer a patient for substance abuse assessment and treatment. As part of a larger continuing medical education module, I designed and storyboarded an interactive scenario with video. For this project, I worked with a professional videographer and actors.

My Role: Instructional design and development, Client Relationship and Project Management, Video Production

Physician e-Learning
Physician e-Learning
Physician e-Learning
Physician e-Learning
Physician e-Learning
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