Trauma Nursing e-Learning

Self-paced e-learning (25 hours of modules) – PowerPoint & Articulate Studio

To retain accreditation as a trauma provider, a local hospital is required to train all nurses in the care of the trauma patient within one year of hire. Every year the hospital held four-day sessions filled with back-to-back lectures led by trauma physicians, surgeons, and nurses. Scheduling a multi-day event and expert speakers was difficult—and pulling nurses off the floor created staffing problems.

A Blended Solution

A blended model was an ideal solution. Learners complete about 25 hours of content online as they are able, and then attend an eight-hour class for skills practice and content refreshment.

My role

I was the lead instructional developer for this project. Although I developed about 18 hours of the content, two other instructional developers joined the project for portions of the development. To keep the experience consistent for the learner, I created templates for lessons and quizzes, as well as overall technical documentation.  

Instructional Design

Sometimes instructional designers may have limited access to subject matter experts. Using video and PowerPoint presentations from the original four days of lecture, I wrote content that was easy-to-understand and approachable and needed few edits on final review.

The design also included:

  • Content chunked in ways that helped the overall course and content flow and allowed learners to access modules at their own pace.
  • Short paragraphs of text with images on each slide. Because hospital computers may or may not have speakers or headphones available, I did not narrate the content.
  • Interactives to reinforce concepts and build retention with trickier concepts, such as steps in a procedure or how to get to a trauma operating suite that is only entered during an actual trauma. 
  • End of module quizzes to help reinforce concepts before moving on to a new topic.
  • Quality assurance testing of all content for functionality, accuracy, and flow.

My Role: Instructional design and development of e-learning modules, as well as visual design and project management of development

Interactive activities to build retention of key concepts
Categorizing and sorting activities
Graphics to frame concepts
Short paragraphs with clear and easy to read text

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